Dustin is based in Madison, WI.

“Not only was Dustin able to capture our sound extraordinarily well, he also had some great creative input that added to the project as a whole and is apparent in the finished recording. Working with him was laid back and fun, and I’m looking forward to collaborating on another project!” -Steve Ross, Blizzard at Sea


“Dustin is timely and prepared, as well as a ninja engineer, so set up and wait time is minimal. He also happens to be a very nice person and seems to take genuine interest in what he works on. His enthusiasm is refreshing.” -Lucas Cates


“It was a great time recording with Dustin. The man was on his sh*t like hotcakes and brought a direction and focus like none other to the session. His positive notions were able to amplify the cohesion of the group, and for that we owe him much gratitude. We’re psyched about the sounds comin out of these recordings and can’t wait to delve even deeper!” -The Earthlings


“Dustin is a total pro in the studio. He works fast and he knows how to communicate with us stupid musicians. It’s always important to have an engineer who’s genuinely psyched to be working with you and trying to help you realize your vision. We really appreciate the creative approach he took in capturing our sound and hope to work with him again. On top of it all, the dude is ALWAYS smiling and a complete joy to work with”.  -El Valiente


“Most musicians want to put out recordings that they can be proud of and that showcase what and who they are.  A good engineer knows how to bring out that best sound.  An amazing engineer knows how to not only bring out that best sound but also goes above and beyond and makes recommendations on how that sound can become even better or can be adjusted slightly to make you stop and say, “yeah, yeah that’s rad.”  If you are looking for that amazing engineer with an ear for every note and an open mind to help you exceed, then Dustin Sisson is your man.” -Amaryth


“I had a great time working with Dustin Sisson on my mixtape. He’s one of the most talented sound engineers I have ever worked with by far. We’ll definitely be working on more projects in the near future.” -Arabique


“I am fairly OCD about recording quality and vibe, so usually I try to vertically integrate projects into the minimal amount of hands and minds. However, when I completed my first project with Dustin, I was not only extremely excited about how the recording sounded, but I was pumped that he had done so much to help me develop artistically. There are a lot of engineers out there, but this guy takes his responsibilities to a very special level. As time has gone on, he remains a fantastic friend and professional associate. I always look forward to the next project with Dustin at the board.” -Clifton Nesseth, Deep Run / Whim, Po & Emili


“Dustin was extremely enthusiastic, professional, and knowledgeable. He helped us achieve exactly what we wanted on a very limited schedule and the results were fantastic. Dustin has a unique mix of creativity and hard work that would be ideal for any recording situation, not to mention he was fun to work with!” -Regalia


Working with Dustin is like working with Jesus!  He makes miracles happen! -Abominable No Men